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Re:amaze Developer Documentation

Re:amaze provides multiple ways to integrate. There are 2 different SDKs for embedding customer support into your site or app and a direct access RESTful JSON API. Learn more about each method below.

Embed SDK

Are you looking to embed support into your site?

Add Re:amaze to your site with Reamaze.js. A few simple lines of JavaScript is all it takes to get started.

Reamaze.js gives you access to customizable support lightboxes, embeddable knowledge bases, and drop-in contact forms. It's also the best way to tie in Re:amaze with your site's authentication system.

If you have an ecommerce storefront, SaaS application, or any customer facing web site, Reamaze.js is the best place to start.

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Mobile SDK

Are you looking to embed support into your mobile application?

Embed your knowledge base into your Mobile iOS or Android application with our open source SDKs.

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Custom Module Guide

Are you looking embed your own custom module into Re:amaze?

The module API gives you an easy way to embed your own custom support UI into the Re:amaze conversation admin.

This makes it very easy to display specific business data or provide direct actions integrated with your app when a conversation is loaded in Re:amaze.

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API Reference

Are you looking to get access to your data via JSON?

Use our RESTful API to GET and POST your Reamaze data for the most customizable integration options.

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